Set the Agenda
The conference program can be programmed so that attendees can organize their schedules by tracks and topics. Tracks are color-coded for easy identification.
Sessions color-coded to tracks
Program listing by tracks and track groups
Sessions organized by category
Use the Search function to find a session
based on a topic!
Personalize and Prioritize
Mark sessions as favorites or add them to your schedule, which can then be exported to your device calendar!
Click on the Session title to get time,
location and speaker roster
Click on a session and add it to your personal calendar. Click on a session to reveal details.
Use the app to create a quick list of
important sessions
Make Sessions More Effective
Click on a session to view details, speakers, abstracts, and presentations.
Click on the speaker to get a bio and pertinent session information
Notes for each session can be saved
and bulk exported
Slides can be attached to the session
and viewed later for reference
Incorporate important abstracts and supporting documentation
Interactivity at its Best
Make it easy to ask questions, rate sessions and speakers, and improve future programming.
Pose questions to session attendees
and get instant data
Attendees can send questions to the
panel moderator in real time
Submit feedback and rate sessions instantly
Rate the speaker’s effectiveness and
provide valuable insights to the
conference organizers
Spark Engagement
Make it easy for attendees to find one another, save contacts to their address book, exchange virtual business cards, and establish special interest groups.
Search the easy to use attendee list by name, company, or other attributes
Click on attendee or speaker to
read bio and contact info
Save contact info to address book
Add speakers or other attendees as favorites for future contact
Jot down notes from conversations for reference
Import feature lets attendees complete their event profiles
Attendee can self-select into special interest group to enhance interaction
Highlight Exhibitors
Make exhibitors an integral part of the event’s digital experience. Encourage attendees and exhibitors to exchange virtual business cards.
Integrate the venue map for easy attendee navigation
Search for exhibitors by name, booth number, or other attributes; mark the exhibitors you want to meet
Book meetings with exhibitors to talk with their representatives at the conference
Spotlight Your Sponsors
Deliver value to key sponsors by merchandising the prime real estate in your app. Examples include the opening screen and a rotating banner at the top of the program schedule.
Prominent positioning every time
the app is opened
Clickable ad banner above the agenda and other screens maintains the sponsor’s presence throughout the event

Tavatta’s registration system allows organizers and event planners to offer online registration functions to their attendees. Our registration system handles various business rules and allows the flexibility of offering discounts and different registration options to different groups with specific group codes. Payment is handled though Authorize.net and PayFlow Pro (manually entering checks is also possible). When using Authorize.net and PayFlow Pro, payment is collected directly by the organizers. For sponsors, partners, and speakers, the organizer can cap how many people can use a specific group code and even restrict registration by specific email domains or email addresses.