Our Story

How many trees does it take to put on a conference? After attending conferences for many years, we've observed how attendees and organizers struggle with the reams of paper, spiral-bound programs, inserts, flyers and other kinds of literature that can be overwhelming to lug around from session to session. There's also the expectation that attendees will save all the conference info they collected and bring it back home.

We're a team of experienced professionals in the technology and marketing fields who have worked for Fortune 500 companies. We've combined our experiences and perspectives to bring you a technology platform that conference attendees look forward to using...and who can continue to interact with you, their fellow attendees, and your event sponsors long after the event is over.

Our Mission

Tavatta helps you digitize your conference, to streamline your workflow, save you time, reduce your costs, and give you greater control on setting and updating your agenda. Our goal is to enhance your event, and make it useful and memorable to your attendees. We accomplish that through our individualized client service, customizable content publishing, and available on-site, at-event support.